T-Mobile Unleashes New Wireless Service Plans

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T-Mobile has revamped its smartphone plan configurations, with new pricing on a variety of options for voice, messaging, and data allotments, and a headlining “Truly Unlimited” (but kind of limited) plan.

T-Mobile LogoThe new plans are subdivided in several ways. The first split comes between family plans and individual plans, followed by divisions according to number of minutes, then data allotments.

Family Plans
The new T-Mobile family plans are available with unlimited minutes, 2,000 minutes, or 1,000 minutes. Family plans come with two lines, and can have three additional lines after that for $10 per extra line.

T-Mobile Unlimited Family PlanUnlimited minutes come with options for 10 GB of data ($220 per month), 5 GB of data ($160 per month), 2 GB of data ($140 per month), or 200 MB of data ($120 per month). There’s also an option with no data plan and unlimited minutes + text for $100 per month.

The 2,000 minute plan offers just talk, no text or data, and costs $80 per month.

1,000 minute plans offer the same data options as the unlimited plans, and each cost $20 less per month than their respective unlimited counterparts. The 1,000 minute option also offers a plan with neither data nor text messaging for $60 per month.

Individual Plans
T-Mobile Unlimited Individual PlanThe headliner of T-Mobile’s new plans is the $80 per month 2 GB unlimited individual plan. It took center stage in the official T-Mobile press release, and is popping up in ads all over the place.

Other plans with unlimited minutes and text and semi-unlimited data include 10 GB for $120 per month, 5 GB for $90 per month, and 200 MB for $70 per month.

T-Mobile’s list of individual plans also includes 1,000 minute and 500 minute options. There is only one 1,000 minute option, which includes no data or texting and is available for $50 per month. 500 minute options feature comparable text and data plans to the unlimited individual options, and each costs $10 less than its comparable unlimited version.

Putting the Limit Back in Unlimited
All of the unlimited plans above offer unlimited data service, but that is qualified by T-Mobile’s frequent footnotes saying that this data will not be uninhibited. If one has, say, a 2 GB unlimited plan, once he/she has used that 2 GB of data for the month, T-Mobile will cap that person’s data in the form of reducing the speed to 2G-like levels. So people will still be able to establish a data connection after exceeding their cap, it will just be exceedingly slow.

All of these plans are currently available, as T-Mobile has officially switched to these models and rates.




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