UPDATE: Details leaking on the Toshiba e740 Pocket PC (pictures)

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It sounds as if Toshiba plans to support thier new PDA with a bunch of optional equipment. The first piece we’re hearing about is a larger battery pack that will be pretty important if you buy one of the wireless editions. The optional battery pack is 3000mAH and installs in place of the 1000mAH original. Also, it’s been confirmed that the video chipset is of ATI origen, for those who are interested.


We’ve added new pictures of the packaging and have learned that Toshiba may have the only XScale PPC on the market for a long time.Further, these new pics validate most of the rumors posted by this site earlier. Check out the universal adapter to see the VGA out graphic the the peripheral connection.

The word is, Toshiba is the only one to pass the ITL tests. These are vigorous usage tests completed by an independent testing company Microsoft has sanctioned. These tests last at least a week before a PPC can be approved for the logo. No other PPCs are said to be in testing now and none are slated any time soon. My guess is that we won’t see any other PPCs on XScale for at least another 6-8 weeks.

RUMOR: Details leaking on the Toshiba e740 Pocket PC

This is juicy stuff and here s the kicker. I m hearing that Toshiba plans to release the e740 in three different trims. One with integrated Bluetooth, one with integrated WiFi (802.11) and lastly, one without wireless.

One of our friends from Asia suggests that the products will indeed be released within a few weeks, as earlier speculated when Amazon posted an image of the product and a release date. Amazon has since pulled the product, but the image we have on file should still be correct. The description I m hearing is that it will look like a fat 310. That s not a bad thing, nor is it surprising, considering HP announced a similar strategy for their iPAQ line a few weeks ago.

The rumors that I m hearing indicate that Toshiba s production line began cranking at full speed last week.The delayed arrival of the XScale powered PDA s has brought up much speculation as of late. We ve heard of production problems with Intel, but I m hearing those have been solved and now the hang-up surrounds the Microsoft OS. The word is that their PPC OS was not properly optimizes for XScale, leading to significant performance issues. Microsoft has since made a few changes, but testing is not going well and benchmark numbers barely push past the older StrongArm s. Microsoft is supposed to be working up a fix and this could be what is delaying HP and others from release. HP may be scared to release their new co-branded line, if they think failure in adoption has even the most remote chance of becoming reality. Apparently Toshiba has worked their magic to overcome most of these issues and a service pack from Micro may take care of the rest. The point here is that all PPC s will be on a level playing field.

Here is a compilation of the major rumored specs of the device. Don t hold us to these details:

  • The device comes with an expansion pack that clips onto the bottom of the device. The pack is the same width and depth of the 740 and holds on nicely. What does it do? Well, I hear it has USB and VGA output support. The VGA out is huge. Software coupled with the program could allow for presentations and slide shows like Margi s products. The pack slides into place, rather than using pins or other docking methods.
  • The USB port will support a standard keyboard, printer, camera, or whatever products drivers can be created for. Currently PPC doesn t support a cursor, so a mouse might work, but you won t be able to see it.
  • Type 2 CF slot
  • Options include a larger battery pack, SD Bluetooth card, digital camera and more.
  • Multimedia support for MPEG files on the screen and the AC97 audio codec.

    On top of what we already know for fact these latest revelations could make this release tower above the rest. In my mind, the VGA out could be huge for executives/sales people on the go. Perhaps with unique features like this, Toshiba can cut into Palm s bread and butter, the business user. We ll let you know what else we hear as we get closer to release.Brian



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