Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Review

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The iPhone 3.0 software has been long awaited by users all across the world. For almost 2 years, iPhone users have lacked some of the most basic software functions such as Copy/Paste, MMS, and Search. Basically, functions that other phones have been doing for years were finally brought to the iPhone.

This is the system software for the new iPhone 3G S, but it’s also available as an upgrade for the current iPhone 3G and the iPod touch. I’ve installed it on my phone, and have plenty of praise, and a few complaints.


Something everyone has always wanted to see in the iPhone has finally arrived. Copy/Paste works system wide, meaning you can copy something from Safari, and put it right in a new email. Now, who knows why Apple took 2 years to include this (my guess is that it was to make sure it works flawlessly, and it does) but I’m pleased with it.

Apple iPhone 3.0To start copying and pasting, you can simply tap a word. Then a pop-up shows up that allows you to: “Select, Select All, or Paste”. Once you select one of those, you get the standard: “Cut, Copy, Paste” options. You can then move the cursor around to control what you want to copy and fast. It’s very straight forward and easy to do.

I’ve tried copying a large amount of text and once, and had no issues at all.

With MMS, you can send pictures, videos (with the iPhone 3G S), audio, and even locations through maps.

MMS is built into all the apps that support it. I can send a picture right through the Text app, and it will show in the conversation. If someone sends a picture to you, you can then save it to your photo library.

The only complaint here is the network issue. Currently all AT&T users (the whole frickin’ United States) still can’t use the MMS until they get it worked out on AT&T’s end. Not Apple’s fault, but it’s just more waiting for basic features. Although they claim that shortly we will be able to use MMS.

On the home screen, you will notice that there is now a magnifying glass where the dots are towards the bottom of the display (see here). To start searching, you can simply swipe to the left here, and up comes the search bar and keyboard.

You can search through Contacts, Applications, Music, Podcasts, Videos, Audiobooks, Notes, Mail, and the Calendar. In settings, you can choose which items you would like to show and what not to show, and you can even select which order you want the search results to be displayed. My only complaint is the lack of not being able to search the text app.

Voice Memos
Apple decided to introduce an application to come with every iPhone that will allow you to record voice notes. I personally think it’s very handy, but it could be utterly useless to some, meaning it’s just an extra app you have to move to a different page so you never see it.

The app is very basic and self explanatory. You can share voice memos via MMS, too.

Push Notifications
Something that was promised months ago, but pretty much like everything else in this update, better late than never! Since Apple doesn’t want apps to run in the background, we are stuck with this push notification system. Basically, in apps with the functionality, you’ll be able to receive updates through that app just like you would get a text message.

This isn’t functional yet, but it’s close.

There is now the option to tether via USB cable or Bluetooth. Tethering will vary by carrier and plans and such, but I have been trying it out and it’s a great feature. Again, it’s one of those things that will have to do with the carriers that could make it a great feature, or a feature bombarded by extra fees.



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