DataViz Documents To Go 2.0 for Android Review

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I am a long time user of the Palm OS version of DataViz’s Documents to Go, and was happy to hear that DataViz makes an Android version I can use on my T-Mobile G1. This lets me work with Microsoft Office documents, including ones that come in as e-mail attachments.

DataViz Documents To Go for AndroidThere is a free version available in the on-device Android Market that allows you to view Microsoft Word and Excel documents. For creating or editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, or viewing PDF files, you need the full version.

Opening and Creating Documents
If I need to work on documents while I am out of the office without using my laptop, I generally copy the files via USB to my G1. I can access them through Documents to Go.

When you open this application, the home screen has four icons, one each for Word To Go, Sheet To Go, Slideshow To Go, and PDF To Go.

When you select the icon for the file type you want to open, you are given three ways to open a document. You can select “Open File” which opens a browser window to browse to the file, “Create New Document”, which will then open a blank document, or you can select from the recently used list.

Editing Files and Spreadsheets
Once the document is open, there are many ways to edit it. You can just select a cell if you are in Sheet To Go, or in a Word To Go app you just tap where you want to type and start typing.

In Word To Go, supports basic formatting like bold and italics, font color, and alignment, and also more advanced features like bulleted and numbered lists, tables, bookmarks, comments, footnotes, and endnotes. It even lets you track changes, do a word count, and use find & replace.

I find myself cutting and pasting a lot when I write in Word. To do this, go into the Menu and choose Edit> Select, which puts you in select mode. From there, you highlight the text you want, and then go to Menu > Edit > Cut or Copy. Place the cursor where you want and select Menu > Edit > Paste.

In Sheet To Go, you are able to do things like add formulas, cell comments, insert rows, find and replace, and cut and paste. Basically most of the things you do when you’re using a laptop or PC.

I found working with big spreadsheets much easier than the Palm version I am used to. I had a file that was about 450 rows, and I needed to add a sum to the bottom of one of the columns. I could drag my finger down the screen quickly and it would “Spin” down to the bottom. I only needed to do it a couple of times and I was at the bottom. I inserted an AutoSum, and Voila!

DataViz Documents To Go for AndroidThe menu is where the more advanced features are. I summarized the menus for each Document type below.

Working with Attachments
I often receive attachments from work emails that contain Excel, Word, or PDF files. The ability to view them is imperative, but many times I need to edit them as well. That’s why the Documents To Go Full Version is so handy.

Once this app is installed, Microsoft Office attachments are automatically opened in DocsToGo by default. When you receive an e-mail with a .doc attachment, you tap on the icon in the message, the file will open, and you can begin editing.

Once completed, you can send it back. Just select “File” from the Menu and select “Send via email”. You have to save the document before you can send it, and you need to specify which e-mail account to use. After filing out the email address, off it goes!

Working with Slideshow To Go
I mainly use Word and Excel for my job, but I also wanted to look at the presentation app. I copied an existing PowerPoint file we use at work for Payroll training. I was honestly not expecting much with Slideshow, but I was pleasantly surprised. I opened the file I copied to my G1 via USB, and it opened to the first slide.

You can move between slides by dragging your finger to the side, or via the menu and selecting Previous Slide, Next Slide, or Go to Slide. You can move slides around by selecting Slide Order in the menu.

You are shown a list of the slides with a number next to it. When you select a slide, you are given the option to “Move Up” or “Move Down”. Select “OK” and you will be back in the Slideshow with the new ordering. To edit slides, you need to go into “View” “Outline” where you can add, change, or delete text.

Overall it was pretty easy to view and do some basic editing of presentations.

As you would expect, PDF To Go is limited to viewing existing documents. I received a couple of attachments from my Son’s Hockey Registration, and was easily able to open them and read them.

Larger files are more cumbersome, similar to the Palm OS version. I have a 1.5 MB Channel listing from XM Radio, and it took several minutes to completely open. Once it was open, I had no problems with it, however.

Menus (some also have Sub-Menus):

Word To Go
File: New, Open, Close, and Send via Email
Edit: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo
View: Select, Select All, Zoom, Find, Go, Table of Contents, Comments, Footnotes, Endnotes.
Format: Bold, Italic, Underline, Font, Paragraph, Bullets & Numbering, Hyperlink, Bookmark, Increase Indent, Decrease Indent
Insert: Page Break, Bookmark, Hyperlink, Table, Comment
More: Preferences, File Properties, Word Count, Help

Sheet To Go
File: New, Open, Close, and Send via Email
Edit: Edit Cell, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo
View: Select, Zoom, Find, Go, Worksheets, Freeze Panes, Cell Contents, and Cell Comments
Format: Number, Cell, Sheet, Sort
Insert: Function, Rows, Columns, Sheet, AutoSum, Cell Comment
More: Delete, Row, Columns, Preferences, File Properties, Help

Slideshow To Go
File: New, Open, Close, Save, Save As, and Send via Email
Edit: Undo, Redo, Delete Slide, Slide Order
View: Zoom, Find, Outline, Notes, Next Slide, Previous Slide, Go to Slide
Format: Increase Indent, Decrease Indent
Insert: Insert Slide, Duplicate Slide
More: Preferences, File Properties, Help

File: Open, Close, Save As, Send Via Email
Edit: Select Text, Search
View: Word Wrap, Go To Page, Zoom, Bookmarks
More: File Properties, Check For Upgrades, About, Help

I highly recommend this application for anyone who uses Microsoft Office and wants to any creating or editing on their Android smartphone.

I have tried a couple of the available document applications from the Android Market and none can compare to the functionality you get with Documents To Go. The ability to view, edit, and create Office documents, coupled with the ability to view PDF documents, make this is a very powerful “must have” application.

Documents To Go Version 2 Full is currently available in the Android Market for $14.95 (regularly $29.99), and consumes about 7 MB of space on your device.




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