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The Dell Axim X50v is one of the most popular PDAs on the market and at the moment #1 on this site. You may have read our review and many others, but what do the X50v owners have to say? Following is a selection of user opinions submitted to

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User Reviews:

Wonderful experience with this PDA, as long as Dell Customer Support isn’t involved
submitted by RDT64 on 1/20/2005 10:14:29 PM

Pros: This bad boy is on a par with the HP 4705 tech-wise and trounces it in terms of price and heft. The x50v is able to run programs and files my iPAQ 3950 choked on. The Strataflash ROM is excellent, I’m able to load all my programs into it and run them with little (if any) noticable delay and leaving the RAM free to run stuff, including 30-40MB video clips without a problem. It’s the first non-iPAQ PDA I’ve owned in years and I think Dell’s got a inner in the Axim series!

Cons: I’ve read horror stories about Dell cutomer support and trying to find out them problem with my late order proved them all true. I’m glad I bought it diredtly through the website. Had I had to contact with Dell CS to place my order, I’d have another iPAQ right now instead of the x50v. If CS is any indication, I hope to God my x50v never has a problem beyond my ablility to fix myself…

Wow Oh Wow
submitted by AximOme on 12/29/2004 9:59:33 PM

Rating: 8/10

Pros: I Love, Luv, Love this product. They finally seemed to have made the product of my dreams fit into the palm of my hand. The Axim x50v is a must have. Vga screen is superb. 624 Mhz of processing power (Adjustable). The best of all is it’s Price.

Cons: Placement of stylus. Tiny buttons on front. Battery life of the 1100mAH is short, opt for the 2200mAH. Some older programs for 2002 or prior may not work with the new 2003 supplied with this unit.

Had to return it THREE times, finally bought an HP4700
submitted by disappointed on 12/12/2004 11:16:07 AM

Rating: 4/10

Pros: Looks like an impressive product and it everything worked it would be (minus the less than stellar graphics/colors compared to HP4700)

Cons: Never fully worked. 1st return: Odyssyey Client was not installed (missing the binary!, but not the icon?) After buying a SanDisk 1G SD Card from Dell it kept dropping off during MP3 playback and occasionally during file searching. 2nd return: SD Card issues again! Finally Dell admitted that the x50 has issues with SanDisk and pointed me to SanDisk helpdesk, the claim that this is a Dell issue. Dell helpdesk (after an hour of waiting through automated messages) can ONLY advise to RESET the device, OR send you another one. I am not even sure why these people are employed by Dell…just get a recording that says RESET, and then hangup…it would decrease the frustration of the customer and provide the same technical assitance. Third Device: Cancelled… After putting the Axm x50V and the HP Hx4700 side by side, in hand, the HP has better graphics and broader software package. I next called the HP help desk and got a Human within 10 minutes…again the next day, 5 minutes. Decided to spend the extra $100-150 for the HP. FIrst and Last Dell I will ever own.

Great product with all the key features at a good price point. Glad I didn’t get the HP 4700
submitted by Eric Panning on 12/9/2004 2:49:16 AM

Rating: 8/10

Pros: I’ve loaded mine up with 1 GB flash, bluetooth GPS, Think outside Bluetooth Keyboard and a flying program called Anywhere map. I’ve been very pleased with performance. Wi-fi works well too. I’ve also loaded the pocket-pc version of Skype and talked with a friend in Japan (from US) for ~ 20 cents and 22 minutes. (SkypeOut). Sound quality was excellent. I have a bluetooth headset on the way too…. With the high res screen you can pick a very small font and get alot of info on the screen. Pocket TV works fine. Agile Messenger will let you check yahoo messenger, MSN, AOL, ICQ all on your pocket PC – and it is free. Dell Bluetooth GPS comes with little info but is a nice unit and the driving software that comes with it is handy. I ordered right before thanksgiving and I had my unit by December 6th. This was earlier than forecast.

Cons: Stylus is a little smaller than I would like. Buttons on the left are easy to hit. Sometimes drops the keyboard connection – but I think this is a Think outside issue. Screen is a little rough around the edges but more than statisfactory. I’ve soft crashed it on occasion. Resets fine. I also have the VGA display option. This provides a connection to a monitor or laptop and also comes with programs to display common applications (powerpoint, pdf, etc) Battery life is not great and it would be better if there was a power plug seperate from the data plug. You need a provided adapter to do power only. It sticks out some…. Landscape mode could be more accessible – or perhaps I have not found the shortcut yet.

submitted by HESS on 11/30/2004 8:12:14 PM

Rating: 9/10

Pros: Very good value, got mine for under $450. The intel 2700g (16mb!) is a graphics chip of the future, can wait to see what other programs will be optimized for this chip! Its very zippy performance is excelent. Windows Media 10 lets me watch dvr-ms without converting the video!!

Cons: There doesn’t need to be such a big dell logo on the top. The buttons are too small. Not enough VGA software yet. Battery life less than satisfying.

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