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Last week we profiled the Dell Axim X50v and this week we examine its main competition. The iPAQ hx4705 is one of the most full featured PDAs on the market, but what do owners think of the device?

The opinions will be chosen based on the value of the information (in our opinion) to our readers. We won’t necessarily pick only the “positive” opinions or only the “negative” opinions. We’ll pick the opinions that we think will be most helpful to you as you shop for and compare PDAs.  To see all opinions, click through to the product detail, and click the “View Opinions” link.

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User Rviews:

Good features but not so well designed
submitted by unknown on 4/13/2005 12:51:19 PM

Pros: Excellent colour screen. Good sound recording and playback. High quality construction. Freely available visual C++ programming environment is very useful for programmers wanting to develop for this device.

Cons: Windows CE is not as good as PalmOS … it seems slow and clumsy, and I’ve had key applications (like the ‘Today’ screen) crash. It’s like having a desktop computer in you hand (which is actually a bad thing.) The touch pad is awful … hard to activate when you want it, easy to press when you don’t want it (eg my phone cord just brushed against it causing several things to ‘happen’ on the computer). The application buttons are also difficult to press, the on/off button is difficult to press and I managed once to press it in such a way that the computer turned its screen brightness to zero while not actually turning off. It’s quite a clumsy procedure to change the orientation of the screen from portrait to landscape. The PDF viewer software needs a feature like the old eBookMan’s used to have where you could easily switch to reading wide documents on a wide screen. The HotSync seems a bit unreliable. It doesn’t always pick up when it needs to sync and gets hung-up on whether you’ve got a “guest partnership” or not. To actually activate the HotSync you have to place your computer in its cradle while it’s on – placing it in the cradle and then turning it on doesn’t have the same effect. It’s a fiddly and unhelpful procedure overall. The computer doesn’t have a lot of memory for its price, though it’s easy to add expansion cards. The supplied Windows media player doesn’t support standard MPEG movie playback, which shows Microsoft more intent on promoting their own standards rather than making things easy for consumers.

To compare this to the Dell Axim X50v is a joke. The Dell is cheap and flimsy…you get what you pay for
submitted by skotter on 2/17/2005 4:10:13 PM

Rating: 9/10

Pros: Flip cover…I really like it and it is removable believe it or not Speed\horsepower Display is magnificent Included applications Very beefy and well built

Cons: Cost is a little high, but again you get what you pay for. The metal exterior is far superiour to the plastic on most of the other PDA’s and the display is by far the best on the market

Great PDA, just needs updated software

submitted by HESS on 11/30/2004 8:02:57 PM

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Gorgeous hi-rez screen. I can watch all my movies and do all the multimedia stuff I couldn’t do on my old Palm. The processor can handle anthing I shake at it. Don’t forget this device is compatible with the HP BT headphones!!:)

Cons: Annoying cursor dissapearance conflict with ati imageon overlay. Also the Ati imageon has a bug where divx video will fade in and out green color. One last thing I hate is the extreme lack of programs that are VGA (not even 100 yet and not even 10 games)

very fast, very nice, touchpad takes a little getting used to
submitted by Qoheleth on 9/4/2004 2:36:56 PM

Pros: 624MHz Processor (when a lot of folks are only doing 520MHz) VGA Screen with WM2003SE support Built in Pocket Informant !! Huge ROM area to install programs Connector compatibility throughout the whole iPAQ line Built in WiFi and Bluetooth

Cons: Only 64MB RAM (when others have 128MB) No Jog dial No USB hosting

Doesn’t worth $600+
submitted by leonidspivak on 2/16/2005 5:03:23 PM

Pros: 1. Awesome, bright screen. 2. Ability to view applications in both landscape and portrait formats. 3. Good quality of audio and video. 4. Ability to accept SD and CF expenssion cards. 5. Metal case

Cons: 1 .Bright screen = low battery life. Even with 1,800 mAh battery, I wasn’t been able to last more than 3 day working on it approximatelly 1 hour each day (without WiFi or Bluetooth, just applications themselves and playing MP3). There is available extended battery 3,600 mAh (but it will cost you at least $130. 2. Metal case = extra weight. 3. The pastic screen cover is a joke. First of all, it will hardly provide any support for screen if presure would apply to it. Second, all your fingerprints are seen on it better then in police file. 3. Memory is limitted to just 55 MB. With MS Mobile this is not enought. Memory is getting consumed really fast by to a point of almost stalling the system if you are running MediaPlayer (MP3 files) and working on Word and Exell documents. 4. $600+ for PDA is out of reach. DELL sells decent laptop with twice the processor speed, 4x memory and 20G HD and CD-RW/DVD for $499 (from dealcather.com) I previously had Palm m515 for 3 years and it was working perfect without any problem. I just wanted to update to more modern model and found myself that I will stay away from HP/Windows. I am going back to Palm T5

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