HTC Touch Pro2 for Sprint: Performance

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The Touch Pro2 is a Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro device enhanced by HTC’s spectacular TouchFLO 3D interface. I’ve covered it fully in several other reviews; suffice it to say that TouchFLO turns the rather somewhat clunky Windows Mobile interface into something beautiful, smooth, and easy to use.

The basics such as time and call history are at the top of the screen, and you access other programs by sliding your finger along the bottom of the screen. Starting at the home icon, the options include People, Mail, Messages, Calendar, Internet, Photos & Videos, Sprint Music, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, Weather, Stocks, and the settings menu, where you can add/remove or reorder the tabs. The same functionality pops up in other ways too, such as controlling the camera zoom when taking photos.

HTC Touch Pro2 for SprintIf you want to access other programs, use the Windows key underneath the display to pop up the Start Menu, which includes Live Search, the RSS Hub, and several Sprint-exclusive services such as NFL Mobile and NASCAR Mobile. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, touch All Programs at the bottom of the screen to access a full list of every single application on the device. It’s an elegant system that puts the most used applications at your fingertips, without cluttering up the home screen with a bunch of little-used icons.

Wireless/Call Quality
Call quality is really quite good overall. There were a few times when background noise was noticeable, according to my callers, but it never interfered with our conversation.

Even with the relatively low signal strength in my office, calls came through crystal clear with no background noise at all when I was in that quiet environment.

The Touch Pro2 is a worldphone, capable of accessing Sprint’s CDMA network in the U.S., and GSM networks when in Europe, Asia, etc. I haven’t been able to try this international roaming out, though.

Since this is a Windows Mobile device, it includes all of the usual suspects such as Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and OneNote Mobile.

They haven’t been enhanced by the TouchFLO interface, which is a shame because everything else on the phone is so elegantly presented. Fortunately the Calendar and Contacts applications have, and they truly are a joy to use. Nice little touches are everywhere, such as being prompted to add a number to an existing contact or create a new one whenever you finish a call to a number not already in the phone’s address book.

The web browsing experience is a good one, though a bit slow when on Sprint’s network as opposed to Wi-Fi.

Sprint TV works very well on the Touch Pro2; it certainly won’t replace the huge flatscreen in your living room, but it’s great for video clips such as news and sports updates. You can even watch full episodes of certain shows, and I was able to catch an episode of Monk that my DVR had somehow missed. It was broken up into several segments, which was nice because there wasn’t any buffering required during the segments, and I could tell that the file had been broken where there would have been commercials on broadcast TV.

HTC Touch Pro2 for SprintThe picture is very small when the phone is in portrait mode, but if you rotate the device 90 degrees to landscape mode the picture rotates to fill most of the display. It doesn’t stretch to fit the whole screen, so some characters can look a bit strange, but it’s still perfectly watchable. (Oddly enough YouTube videos do default to full screen video, and they look great!)

Sprint Radio is not bad, but there’s not enough extra functionality here to make me choose it over my own music collection. The sound quality isn’t nearly as good as on the video service, and is extremely loud–as if Sprint boosts the volume somehow. Even with the volume on the phone turned down to the lowest level, the music is still too loud. I do like the fact that the song title and artist are displayed on the screen for each selection, though very few songs offered cover art.

The 3.2 megapixel camera takes good pictures, though it would have been nice to see a better quality camera included, considering the cost of this phone.

I am happy with the zoom function though, as I was able to take great shots of both closeup (flowers and such) and faraway (buildings, landscapes) subjects.

All of the usual settings are available on the menu, such as white balance, brightness, metering mode, and self timer.

Photo slideshows also look very nice on the large display, and I love being able to “flip” through photo albums with a flick of a finger.

Battery Life
I’m quite happy with the battery life on this HTC device; I watched two hours of video, listened to several songs on Sprint Radio, did a fair amount of talking and web browsing all over the course of two days, and the battery level only went down to half strength.

I wouldn’t suggest leaving home without your charger if you’re on a trip longer than two or three days, but I don’t think you’ll have to worry about charging your phone every night unless you’re an extremely heavy mobile phone user.

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