Mini Review – Palm Tungsten T2

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The new silver-toned case color

The Tungsten T.  For awhile there – the coolest Palm ever.  Then the Tungsten C and Zire 71 wowed us all.  Now here comes the Tungsten T2.  Palm enthusiasts have been getting excited.  To think, a new Tungsten T2 .  Considering the last two releases, this one has got to be awesome right?  Well in this case, I think reactions will be based on personal opinions.  Why?  Read further ..

What s New with the 2 ?  Well, not a lot.  The new model certainly has a great new transreflective screen.  Also the T2 includes 32MB of RAM (16 more than the original T ).  Other than these two changes, a lighter shaded case and a minor OS update, the unit is almost identical to the original.  I would almost equate the difference that Palm made when introducing the m515 (an update to the m505).  Both units were similar, except the m515 doubled the memory and had an improved screen.  It seems that Palm has now used the same strategy with the Tungsten T s. The Tungsten T2 still includes a wireless Bluetooth radio, and the same slider and form factor.  The T2 does not include a new processor.  Many users had hoped for a big update like the Tungsten C s Intel PXA255 processor at 400 MHZ.  But the T2 still is powered by the Texas Instruments OMAP Processor at 144 MHZ.

Palm Tungsten T2
Brightness worth the bucks?

The New Screen  A big question Tungsten T owners probably have is: Is it worth it to upgrade to the new unit?   Ordinarily on just about any PDA, going from a reflective screen to transreflective makes an upgrade well-worth it.  But in this case, I personally have to disagree.  It s not because the new screen is not bright, sharp and clear like other transreflective screens.  But my reasoning is simply this; the original Tungsten T screen (although incorporating reflective screen technology) is simply excellent.  The difference is subtle enough that the units need to be placed side by side to really see it.  In my humble opinion, not worth $399 for the new model.

Okay, but what about the Memory?  Ok, so you get 16MB more of internal RAM.  But heck, you can t even use built in memory with the Palm OS to play MP3 s.  The better solution: go for the SD card.  Much cheaper for a nice 256MB card, then going out and grabbing a whole new unit for $400 bucks.

Why don t you tell us how you really feel!  Ok.  I am done talking everybody out of upgrading.  Some of you are already waiting for Mr. UPS man to knock at the door!  But what do I think about the T2 as a Palm PDA?  I think it s simply magnificent!  If you are in the market to replace something else than your original Tungsten T (i.e. your old m515), this is a kicking PDA and definitely worth checking out.  Also I would like to add that this unit is zippy, compact and very enjoyable to use.  I have HotSynched via Bluetooth without a hitch and so far this unit proves to be fast and stable.  More details will follow in my full review so please check back soon!

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-Barry J. Doyle



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