Motorola RAZRwire Bluetooth Headset Review

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There is a bewildering array of Bluetooth headsets on the market, so Motorola decided to create one that would stand out from the pack: the RAZRwire. Instead of fitting onto the user’s ear, as most headsets do, the RAZRwire clips to the side of a pair of high-quality sunglasses.

I found this to be an interesting idea, but less than practical in real world use.

What I Liked

I am a fan of Bluetooth headsets. Or, to be closer to the truth, I actively dislike wired headsets and think Bluetooth ones are a better solution. They free you from the hassle of fumbling with wires and, in general, make you look less dorky when you are using them. So I went into this review ready to like this product.

The RAZRwire performs most of its functions well. I found it easy to pair with both the Bluetooth-enabled devices I tried it with and sound quality was good, both for me and for the people I was talking to.

I tried it out in my car, which isn’t particularly quiet, and could still carry on conversations without problems.

This headset is charged through a mini USB plug, which gives you many options for recharging it when you are traveling. You can use the wall plug that comes with it, or, if you have a USB cable, you can charge it from your laptop or PC.

In a nice touch, the prongs on RAZRwire’s wall plug fold down to make it easier for you to carry around.

What I Disliked

As I said, the RAZRwire has been designed to clip onto a pair of sunglasses. This might sound like a good idea… until you realize that there is no way to use this headset without wearing sunglasses. If you want to do something crazy like use your headset indoors then you are out of luck.

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When I realized this, I gave up on the RAZRwire. There’s no way I could be happy with a headset that can only be used when I’m in my car or walking outdoors.

In the RAZRwire’s defense, if you’re someone who is wears prescription glasses with thin wire frames then this might be the headset for you.

This accessory comes bundled with a pair of sunglasses from Oakley. I’m sure they are high-quality and are likely very expensive, but I put them on for about 5 seconds then went to see if I could clip the RAZRwire to a pair of sunglasses I actually liked. Fortunately, I could.

I say the sunglasses must be expensive because something is driving the cost of this headset up. It costs much more than comparable devices from companies like Jabra.

And, to top it all off, I couldn’t get one of the more important functions of a wireless headset to work. There’s a button on the RAZRwire that is supposed to let you answer incoming calls without touching your phone. I say “supposed to” because I couldn’t get this to work on either a Pocket PC phone or a Windows Mobile Smartphone.


The RAZRwire seems targeted at people who are either outdoors almost constantly, wear prescription glasses, or are just too cool for school and are perpetually wearing sunglasses indoors and out. Oh yes, you need have lots of disposable income, too.

If you don’t fit into one of these groups, I’d suggest you check out another Bluetooth headset.




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