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Handhelds Review

PDA News Bits – Palm Zire Dominates, Sony Clie Game Controller Review, Pocket PC VR Controll

The Palm Zire sold more units during 4Q last year than any other PDA In every Clie owner beats the heart of a gamer - Game Pad Reviewed [...] Read full article

Bluetooth Review

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie NZ90

Sony's new Clie NZ90 is the first handheld to offer a genuinely useful digital camera, and its built-in Bluetooth networking lets you create your own personal area network. Read full article

Accessories Review

PDA News Bits – New PDA Cases, Text to Speech Soon?, Chapura Updates KeyContacts, Bluetooth GPS Review

Covertec has new PDA cases for the Tungsten T and iPAQ h5450 SMS text to speech conversion might be here soon Chapura has updated KeyContacts which aims to[...] Read full article

Handhelds Review

Palm Tungsten W Review

Palm's release of the Tungsten W wireless PDA is a bit strange. They relesaed it with the Tungsten T in Singapore and many other Asian cities. The boys over at[...] Read full article

Handhelds Review

Best and Worst of CES – Week in Review

The CES was busy when it comes to handheld and PDA technology. There were many new devices and a ton of new peripherals. We've discussed it and are now handing[...] Read full article

Palm Review

Brighthand Reviews the Handspring Treo 270

Though the Treo 270 isn't a new device, Handspring recently released an update that allows it to use GPRS wireless networks, which really makes a big difference in the usability[...] Read full article

Microsoft Review

Brighthand reviews the HP iPAQ h1910

It's bold, it's beautiful, and it blazes an exciting new path for Pocket PC...but it's not perfect. Read full article

Handhelds Review

2002: Year in Review

It was another exciting year in the world of handheld computers. One company split into two, two companies merged into one, and a couple of others simply faded away. Read full article

Palm Review

Brighthand Reviews the AlphaSmart Dana

The Dana is a rugged word processor that runs the Palm OS. It has an extra-wide screen and a full-size keyboard. Read full article

Palm Review

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie NX70V

The NX70V is Sony's new high-end model with a 320 by 480 pixel screen, plus an integrated video camera and a keyboard. It runs Palm OS 5 on a[...] Read full article