PPC Techs Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack Review

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This has probably happened to all of us at one time or another. You’re on a long trip, and after a few hours you have to stop using your smartphone or handheld to keep yourself entertained because you’re running the battery down, and there’s no power socket around.

That’s why I’ve started carrying the Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack from PPC Techs, an external battery designed to recharge portable electronics. It’s relatively small, but still packs enough juice to add many hours of use to handheld devices of many types.

Simple But Flexible

The Mobile Power Pack is simple, but still provides enough options to make it flexible. For example, it has both a full-size USB slot and a mini-USB slot, and both of these can be used to charge a mobile device, or recharge its own battery.

The best part about this battery is the fact that it can recharge so many different devices. When I’m on the road, I carry with me a smartphone, handheld, and a Bluetooth headset, and the Mobile Power Pack can recharge all of them.

Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack from PPC Techs

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This brings up an important point: to use this accessory, your smartphone or handheld must be able to charged through a USB port. Most can be these days, but not all. You should check this first before you get your credit card out.

The unit is 2.75 in. by 2.10 in. by 0.86 in., and 4.3 oz.

What you get in the package is the Mobile Power Pack and a mini-USB-to-USB cable. Because this accessory has two types of slots, this cable can be used in a variety of ways. When I want to recharge my AT&T Tilt, for example, I put the USB plug into the recharger and the mini-USB one into my smartphone. When I need to recharge  the Mobile Power Pack itself, I put the mini-USB plug into it, and the USB end goes into my PC.

The supplied cable may be useful,  but it’s not very small. PPC Techs is hoping you’ll include one of its retractable Lil Sync cables with your purchase. It’s not a bad idea; saving space in your gear bad is always good, and in many cases the same small cable can be used to synchronize your mobile device with a PC or laptop.

Battery Life

Obviously, what you’re looking for in an external battery is one that can recharge your mobile device as many times as possible.

In my testing, the Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack was able to completely recharge my Tilt two times. Given this smartphone’s battery capacity, this means the recharger has about 2,500 mAh to give. It’s rated higher than that, but some of its capacity must be being lost in the transfer process.

That’s a decent amount, given this battery’s small size.  It means I can use my smartphone, which isn’t known for its long battery life, for 5 or 6 days without having to go near a power socket.

Useful Feedback

When you’re ready to charge up your mobile device of choice, the Mobile Power Pack has three green LEDs on its side to let you judge how much power is left. When the last one goes out, it’s time for a recharge the recharger.

When charging, one of the three LED does double duty and slowly turns from red to green to show you when the battery is full.


At $60, the Lil Sync USB Mobile Power Pack isn’t cheap, but it gives a decent value for the cost.

I’ll bet you’ll agree the next time you’re on a long plane flight, and realize you have power to get you all the way to your destination, with plenty left over.

This accessory can be ordered from the PPC Techs’ web site.




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