Super Wild Wild Words Review

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Saturday night and nothing is on TV but some old Westerns. So what do you do? Call up some friends and play a game of Hangman? Nah, good game but gets too short. You could always pull out Boggle, that’s always a good time. But what about a game that combined the best of Westerns, Hangman, and Boggle, and you could play it with others, or by yourself and enjoy it the same.

Astraware’s latest release, Super Wild Wild Words, is another in a lineup of excellent games that are both simple to pick up and hard to put down. SWW is quite simple. Letters fall from the sky and then you get points by forming words. Unlike Boggle, you can select letters that are not touching (but you still cannot use the same letter twice). When you get a word, it is displayed on the side and you gain points.

The Hangman side comes in after making the words. There is a puzzle to solve that you get a chance to guess letters when the bottom row of boxes has a sheriff’s star instead of a letter. There are also items such as keys (which give you a letter without you guessing), TNT bombs (which clear a whole line of letters), gold bars (which gives you an increased score for the last word you made), and first aid (which heals your hangman one limb). Each of these items, plus the speed at which the letters fall, can make for an exciting game.

There are two modes of play: Normal and Bonus. In Normal mode the letters fall at a regular pace, increasing as you get higher and higher levels. In Bonus mode, the tiles only fall when you make a word. In both modes, the goal is to solve the hangman before the letter boxes reach the top of the screen.

Overall, I found Super Wild Wild Words very easy to play with the normal addictive properties that make well done games fun. It’s become my main game due to its wordy nature, and the fact that it’s almost like Wheel of Fortune (just without Vana and the wheel). I recommend Super Wild Wild Words to anyone who likes word, or word search games. You just might get roped into a good time.

Super Wild Wild Words is available for both PalmOS and Windows Mobile platforms. It can be downloaded from Astraware’s website. The cost to register it is $19.95

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