Ten One Design Pogo Capacitive Stylus Review

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The Ten One Design Pogo Stylus is a pen-input device designed for use with the latest capacitive touch displays, including the nes found on the iPhone, iPod touch, T-Mobile G1, and other devices.

This accessory does the work of your fingertips through a special foam tip that can conduct small amounts of electricity. Whether you are wearing gloves, have long fingernails, or don’t like smudging the screen of your phone, the Pogo Stylus help make your mobile life easier.

Ten One Design Pogo Capacitive StylusDesign

The Pogo stick reminds me a lot of a small pencil with eraser on the end of it. Compared to most styli the Pogo is pretty thick, almost twice that stylus in my older iPAQ. The body of the Pogo is made from high quality anodized aluminum with the Pogo name etched onto very top. The tip is made from a conductive material glued onto the end of the aluminum shaft. The size is almost identical to a small pencil that you might find at a bowling alley or golf club for a score card.

In Use
The Pogo doesn’t take much time to get used to the way it works on a capacitive touch screen. On my Apple iPod touch the Pogo works with a light but firm touch on the screen. Too light of a touch and the foam doesn’t make full contact, too hard and it requires more effort to slide across the screen. The traction and effort needed to slide it around is similar to what your fingertip might require.

Ten One Design Pogo Capacitive StylusSince the pressure point is made up of a foam ball instead of a precision tip the contact spot varies depending on where the circuit is completed. Since the iPod touch is designed for finger input, the button size takes into account a large contact patch so you don’t really lose any resolution in the contact. Drawing or sketching software show more limitations, since you might start a small line slightly off-center from where you intended.

One of the talking points of the Pogo is the reduced fingerprints and smudges over using your fingertip. In theory this might be true, but in practice I found it left smudges of its own.

Since it is working on the same surface that might be pressed against your face or used with fingertips on occasion, it picks up the same natural oils that will streak across the screen when sliding around. I am used to wiping my display off frequently so this doesn’t bother me, but it defiantly worth noting if you are expecting a perfect smudge-free input device.

Video Demonstration



I think the Ten One Design Pogo Stick is a great concept for mobile devices intended for use with only a fingertip. Some circumstances don’t allow you to use your finger, say wearing a pair of gloves or if you’re losing fine motor skills as you get older. Ten One Design offers the Pogo for a wide range of devices, most of which include custom mounting brackets to secure it to your mobile device.

For only $14.95 it is a very cool product to try out and you have very little to lose if you don’t like it.




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