Zire71 3 in 1 Stylus with Ball Pin Review

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There is nothing more important than having a pen when you need it. Sometimes you need to sign a receipt, or you might need a pen to give to someone else so that they can write a note. But for whatever reason, PDA owners can never seem to get to the point where we do not need an ink pen. For that reason, the pen/stylus combo was invented. Companies (such as Pentopia, StylusCentral, and PDAPanache) have made it possible so that when we need a pen, we can have a pen. In this review I will be looking at the latest pen/stylus from StylusCentral, the Zire71 3 in 1 Stylus with Ball Pin.


The Zire71 3 in 1 Stylus with Ball Pin is shaped and weighted very much like the stock stylus that comes with the Z71. It only differs in that it does not have the bulge that the stock stylus has near its point. On the 3 in 1, it is simply a straight line from top to bottom. The 3 in 1 has a few different things that can be a determent to some and an attraction for others.

First of all, it is extremely light in weight. I do not have the exact measurements, but I find that this stylus is uncomfortably light. I am a person that has always liked a heavy stylus. I thought that the Palm m515 had the most perfectly weighted stylus, followed very closely by the m515 Custom Stylus by PDAPanache. The 3 in 1 s light weight, combined with the lack of any grooves or rubber to hold on to, this makes the 3 in 1 a slippery stylus. It is not as bad as my PDAPanache Zire71 Custom Stylus (which is a slippery even on a humid day); but is not very comfortable.

Secondly, the pen, same as the pen used in the Pentopia Chameleon styli, doesn’t seem to be as solidly placed into the barrel. The pen sometimes felt loose, or as if it would give a bit when writing quickly from left to right. Upon further inspection, taking the stylus apart that is, I noticed that the 3 in 1 only screwed into the barrel at one point. In contrast, the m515 Custom Stylus (from PDAPanache) and Pentopia Chameleon had pens that were securely screwed into the barrel. This quality made the 3 in 1 feel more like a spare stylus, rather than a replacement.

Finally, I don’t know why, but the 3 in 1 has a clear tip to it. At first, I misread the packaging and thought that I had the lighted-point stylus. But upon taking it apart, I noticed that I only had the 3 in 1. When writing with a stylus, you usually want to see the tip. But, when I was at work, or in a place where there was a limited amount of light, the point was not able to be seen. That might not be much to some people, but I felt kinda weird when I didn t see my point while I was tapping on the screen.


The 3 in 1 stylus did everything that I needed it to do. Even though it was lighter than I was used to, it still felt nice while writing with either the pen or the stylus tip. The ink flowed nicely and the pen write like the Bic pens that I am used to. The reset pen that is set into the rear of the pen is long enough to fit into the Zire71.


In conclusion, this stylus is a good one. It isn t expensive, and is most definitely versatile. The issues that I have with it are all more personal than actual. I would prefer a heavier stylus, like the Zire71 Custom Stylus; and one that just felt as if it had more quality. In some ways you can say that I have been spoiled by PDAPanache, but that doesn’t take away that Stylus Central has an excellent replacement stylus, that would fit many people s needs.

Purchase Information

This stylus is available from Stylus Central for $9.99.



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