Corel Slingshot for iOS Review: Share Photos From Your iPhone Through Facebook

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  • Pros

    • Easy photo editing through Facebook and email
    • Some built-in automatic photo editing tools
  • Cons

    • Doesn't support Twitter or other Web sites yet
    • To do extensive photo editing, you need a second app

Corel’s free Slingshot app lets you easily share pictures from your iPhone (or your iPod or iPad) through Facebook and email. You can also make some small tweaks to your images, but to do more photo editing than that, you’ll need a second app.

For many iPhone owners, taking photos with the built-in camera means wanting to share them, often nearly immediately. Due to the great new camera in Apple’s new iPhone 4S, that need could become even more compelling. While the new version 5 of Apple’s iOS does improve and simplify photo sharing, Corel’s new Slingshot app gives you some quite useful added options.

Corel Slingshot for iOSThe free Slingshot for iPhone app lets you share photos quickly and easily to a mix of one or more albums in your Facebook account, as well as to one or more people by email.

Corel‘s photo sharing app requires a minimum of iOS 4.33 on an  iPhone 4 or later, iPod touch 4 or later, or iPad 2.

Slingshot works with both Apple’s Camera and Photo apps, With Corel’s app, you can either share pictures as you take them, or select from existing pictures (including screen saves, which are part of your Camera Roll).

What Slingshot Does
You can create “custom sharing groups” which can be a mix of Facebook albums and email addresses. The app also keeps track of the last custom group you shared to, in case that’s where you want to share the next picture. You can select a previous custom group (or groups to share to), or start a new group.

Corel Slingshot for iOSOptionally, Slingshot can automatically back up copies of photos to a private Facebook album, allowing you to free up that space from your Camera Roll. The backup is done right after you take the picture, before you perform any actions such as adding a caption.

In addition, if you fill up a Facebook album (such as Photo Backup), Slingshot will create an additional, sequentially ordered album (Photo Backup  becomes Photo Backup 1, followed by Photo Backup 2, for instance).

You might well need those extra albums, since Facebook currently restricts each album to only 200 photos.

You can carry out a few kinds of automatic photo tweaks, too, such as (in Corel’s words), “auto-[boosting] the contrast in your photos…so your photos look more intense.”

Keeping in mind Facebook’s 2000-by-2000-pixel maximum, you can also “auto-resize files for speedy sharing.”

Slingshot  limitations
For the present, at least, Slingshot does not handle any video whatsoever.

Corel Slingshot for iOSAlso, you can’t do any manual photo editing. As Corel puts it, “Slingshot was designed to be fast and easy, so there are no additional tools to slow things down or get in the way when sharing photos.”

If you want to spruce up your photos through cropping, framing, color filtering, etc., you’ll need another photo app, like the new version of Apple’s own Camera app in iOS 5, or maybe MacPhun FX Photo Studio for iPhone.

Since all these apps are working on and saving to your iPhone’s Camera Roll, you can edit photos first with your photo editing tool, and then crank up Slingshot to access and quick-share your edited photos.

Sharing Photos Through Facebook and Email
To post pictures to your Facebook account, you’ll need to first set up a Facebook account, of course. Then you’ll have to log into Facebook.

To put Slingshot to an informal test, I took some pictures from inside the app and shared them to a Facebook group and some email addresses (I have two sets of “test” accounts.) I did the same with a few pix from Camera Roll.

Corel Slingshot for iOSI discovered that Slingshot posts pictures to Facebook — and sends them via email — quickly and easily.

Yet if you want to share/post pix anywhere else (like Twitter, Dropbox, FlickR or a blog site), you’ll need to use another app or two. (“Future versions of Slingshot will be able to share photos to different sites, such as Twitter,” according to Corel.)

Facebook does let you share photos with non-Facebook Internet users, but this requires posting or emailing the link. As of version 5 of iOS, Apple’s Camera app will let you email or Tweet a photo, but you cannot do both in one click.

Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of free or inexpensive photo editing apps (including new features in the iOS 5 version of Apple’s Camera) that you might use with Slingshot.


If you’re a Facebook-oriented picture poster, Corel Slingshot is a good choice. The same can be said for those who like to email photos to specific groups of people, thanks to Slingshot’s custom-group and sizing features.

If Corel Slingshot worked with more of the social networking sites, I’d be likely to use it more than I expect I will. But still, I do expect that I’ll use Slingshot now and then.





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