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Hands on: New TREWGrip Adds QWERTY Keyboards to Any Mobile Device

Cincinnati-based TREWGrip showed off a new kind of mobile keyboard at CES this year, promising full-sized keyboard speed without ever needing to sit down. Read full article

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Notebook Manufacturers May Take Page from Smartphones and Introduce Universal Chargers

New eco-friendly specifications attempt to corral the wild world of notebook chargers - similar to how most modern smartphones have centralized around Micro-USB. Read full article

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iSmartAlarm Review: Home Security From Your Phone

iSmartAlarm takes advantage of your pre-existing network and smartphone equipment to let you keep an eye on your valuables without an expensive monthly contract. Read full article

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Nvidia Shield Review: Gaming, Not Quite Perfected

The Nvidia Shield isn't without its drawbacks, but there's still a decent amount to like here. Read full article

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Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Gives Students Juice on the Go

Some students can't afford to be without their smartphones when they're on the go, so the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation has them covered. Read full article

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Wilson Sleek 4G Review: Boost Your Cell Signal

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is great, but cell service out in rural areas can be hit or miss. That's where the Wilson Sleek 4G[...] Read full article

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Olloclip for iPhone 5 Review: Fun and Creative

Perfect for shooting wide-angle, macro and fisheye photography, it's a fun accessory for your iPhone. Get more from DigitalCameraReview. Read full article

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Be Safe with the Breathometer — the Smartphone Breathalyzer

Breathometer is going to be the first smartphone breathalyzer. The accessory will quickly and easily measure blood alcohol level with the help of a corresponding application, and easily attach via[...] Read full article

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Newest Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headsets Unveiled

Jabra today announced its newest Bluetooth headsets, the Jabra Motion series, which were made to make multitasking easier for the employee on the go. More details can be found on[...] Read full article

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MAUZ Will Transform an iPhone into a Wireless Mouse

Ever wanted to control a computer, smart TV or media center via a smartphone? Well that's what Spicebox is doing with MAUZ, an iPhone adapter that will transform the handset[...] Read full article