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Best iPhone Apps: Humin

Humin is an ambitious piece of software that wants no less than to replace your iPhone's traditional phone app and contacts list. We took the virtual rolodex for a spin. Read full article

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Best iPhone Apps: FoxScanner

FoxScanner is an efficient document scanning app that lets you convert your papers to PDF files with your iPhone's camera, among other tricks. Read full article

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What’s Next for Smartphones?

It's an impossibly complicated question, but as smartphone specs continue to converge, we look at the areas in which our mobile gadgets could innovate in the near future. Read full article

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What Do Android L and iOS 8 Mean for Business?

Our sister site SearchConsumerization takes a look at how Google and Apple are both throwing a bone to the enterprise with their forthcoming mobile OS updates. Read full article

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Best iPhone Apps: Yesware

Yesware is a nifty productivity booster that lets enterprise users see who is clicking on and engaging with their emails. Read full article

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Best iPhone Apps: SquareOne

The new SquareOne app does an admirable job of silencing the noise of an everyday inbox. For any iPhone and Gmail user that's flooded with emails they don't actually care[...] Read full article

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What’s the Real Difference Between iOS and Android? Readers React

Our recent article comparing the differences between Android and iOS sparked a heated debate in the Brighthand forum on the relative value of both platforms, and particularly on their ease[...] Read full article

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iOS 8 Coming this Fall with New Keyboards and Connectivity Features

Judging by its new features, Apple iOS 8 is all about connectivity and communication between not only users, but apps and other programs, and it's obvious that Apple is looking[...] Read full article

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Best iPhone Apps: Google Docs

Google Drive's word processing functionality has been spun out into a new app called Google Docs. We take it for a spin and see if anything's changed. Read full article

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An iPhone Charger for Your Keychain: ChargeKey Review

The Chargekey from Nomad is designed to fit on a keychain, giving users a Lightning cable charger wherever they go. It's a great companion for travelers and is convenient when[...] Read full article