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Symantec Rolls Out Free Norton Security Software for Android OS

Symantec on Thursday released a free edition of Norton Mobile Security, aimed at Android OS phone users socked by security threats ranging from cell phone thefts to "fake" apps loaded[...] Read full article

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Boingo Wi-Finder for iPhone Review: Finding Hotspots Everywhere

In his review of Boingo Wi-Finder, Daniel Dern explains why this widely used Wi-Fi hotspot locator app can come in really handy when you're away from home or the office,[...] Read full article

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Google Updates Gmail App for Android

Google has released an update for the Gmail app on Android smartphones. The new version 2.3.5 brings a handful of new features and performance improvements. Read full article

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BlackBerry Desktop 2.1 Released for Mac OS X

RIM has released the latest version of its BlackBerry Desktop software for Mac OS X, allowing BlackBerry/ Mac users to synchronize their devices and achieve harmony between their home and[...] Read full article

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12 Cool Smartphone Apps for Job Finding, This Summer or Any Time

Looking for a new job is never as easy as a walk on the beach. In increasing numbers, though, apps are cropping up that let you manage your job hunt,[...] Read full article

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Evernote Comes to Windows Phone 7

Popular note taking app Evernote is adding another platform to its resume and gaining complete saturation across all mobile operating systems with the announcement that it is now available on[...] Read full article

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RIM Buys Scoreloop for BlackBerry Apps with Social Gaming, ‘Virtual Coins’

Falling further behind Android and Apple with its BlackBerry phones, while also struggling with its new PlayBook tablet, RIM has acquired Scoreloop in hopes of picking up enough skills in[...] Read full article

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Apple’s iWork Office Suite Released for the iPhone

More than a year after it was introduced for the iPad, the iWork suite of Office software has been updated to work on the iPhone. This includes three apps: Pages,[...] Read full article

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Can Nokia Win the Smartphone War?

Nokia has been the king of the world handset market for almost as long as anyone can remember, but recently its crown has begun to slip. In his latest column,[...] Read full article

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Quickoffice Releases New iPhone Version with PowerPoint Editing Support

Popular mobile Microsoft Office suite Quickoffice has announced an update to the iOS version of its software. And the most notable new feature among the list of improvements included in[...] Read full article