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Microsoft Has Sold More Than Two Million Windows Phone 7 Devices

Microsoft says that its Windows Phone 7 platform has now reached the two million mark. It took the software giant's new smartphone operating system about ten weeks to reach this[...] Read full article

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Google’s Android OS 3.0 Is for Tablets, Not Smartphones

Tablets are getting an exclusive treatment when Android OS 3.0, aka Honeycomb, hits the market: the new version of Google's operating system will never see the light of day on[...] Read full article

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Review

Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft, and used on a number of smartphones from HTC, Samsung, and LG. Jen Edwards brings us a review of[...] Read full article

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Smartphone Users May Get to Cool Off This Summer with Android OS Ice Cream

People have barely digested the sweet news of Android OS Honeycomb, and yet there is already more on the way. The next mobile operating system update from Google, Android OS[...] Read full article

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CES 2011 Brought a Wave of 4G Android OS Smartphones

The 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show has finished up, and this year, no less than eleven smartphones were unveiled. All of these are going to be high-end models[...] Read full article

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Microsoft CEO Promises Windows Phone 7 Improvements

During a keynote address at the CES tradeshow, Steve Ballmer laid out some of his company's plans for Windows Phone 7. This smartphone operating system is going to get support[...] Read full article

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Dell Venue Smartphone Unveiled at CES 2011

Instead of continuing to ride the fine line between smartphone and tablet as it did with the Streak, Dell picked a side and announced the Venue, an Android-based smartphone, at[...] Read full article

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Smartphone Success Starts with Strong Mobile Management

There are many advantages for businesses in arming their employees with smartphones, but the process of deploying them requires careful planning or they can become a liability. Read full article

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Smartphones with 4G, Dual-Core Processors, and More Expected at CES 2011

The next Consumer Electronics Show is coming in early January, and a number of new Android OS smartphones are expected to be unveiled at this gigantic tradeshow, and maybe a[...] Read full article

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Dell Venue Pro Getting Support for AT&T

The current version of the Dell Venue Pro fully supports only T-Mobile's cellular network, but an upcoming version will work with AT&T. This will greatly increase the number of potential[...] Read full article