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PDA + Electronics Deals this Week

Check out coupon codes, deals and sales from online stores leading up to this Memorial Day weekend. $15 at, $10 at, $75 off a PC or 10%[...] Read full article

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New PDA/Electronics coupons for this week

We've added some new coupons to the site from Dell Home (10% off), Dell Business (15% off), ABT Electronics ($10 off), and ($10 off). Click article to view[...] Read full article

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10% Off PDAs, Software & Accessories at

A new coupon code is available to save 10% at the checkot for PDAs, Software and other accessories at the Dell home store, use coupon code 7A83FE73C267, see article for[...] Read full article

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Great PDA Coupons & deals this week!

A Compaq 3765 for $349.99, $25 off at, HP Jornada 565 for $ this article to see where and how >> Read full article

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The sky is falling! No, it’s just PDA prices… – UPDATED 12/13

Just another reason to be Thankful this holiday season: 5% off PDAs! Want more? Fine. Today (12/13) is the last day for free shipping and you can take another[...] Read full article

Dell News $25.00 off coupon

At use coupon code DC6C3A014759 and get $25.00 off any PDA or whatever else is over $150.00 in the Dell Home & Office Store. Shipping is FREE! Read full article

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More confirmation: Palm m125 release upcoming!

Dell appears to have announced Palm's upcoming m125 PDA before Palm itself has had a chance to do so. Read full article

Dell News 10% off ALL PDA’s (including Sony Clie)

Want a Sony Clie N710C for $450.00? Buy a PDA online through and you will receive 10% off of the device. Click here now (click[...] Read full article