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ZTE Open Review: Bang for Your Buck?

There's no doubt about it: the ZTE Open, one of the first commercial Firefox OS phones, is a very affordable phone. The question is, is it cheap in every sense[...] Read full article

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ZTE Open Coming to US and UK via eBay

ZTE has decided to sell its Firefox-based ZTE Open in the US and UK via an eBay listing rather than through its own website. Read full article

Firefox OS News

Geeksphone Planning Peak+, Improved Version of Firefox OS Handset

Geeksphone has plans to release an improved version of one of its Firefox OS Developer Preview devices, the Peak+, for the consumer market. Read full article

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Firefox OS News

Mozilla Ready to Launch First Round of Firefox OS Smartphones

Mozilla, along with its various partners, is ready to launch the first set of Firefox OS smartphones for consumers. Read full article

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The Beginner’s Guide to Firefox OS

Firefox OS is the newest mobile operating system on the map, so we've pulled together a primer with everything you need to know about Mozilla's offering. Read full article