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PDA News – Rollable displays, Blackberry fix, Adios Fossil

Rollable OLED color displays RIM talks about patent workaround--sort of Fossil pulls smart watches Echostar, DirecTV consider joining to build wireless network Read full article

Fossil News

Say Goodbye to Fossil’s PDA Watches (Updated)

It appears Fossil has given up on all of its high-tech watches. Read full article

Fossil News

Software Store Opens Just for Fossil Wrist PDA

Motricity has opened a store exclusively for applications that work with Fossil's Palm Powered Wrist PDA. Read full article

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Fossil News

Fossil Is NOT Leaving SPOT Watch Market

Fossil says that there is no truth in a recent report which indicated that it has stopped making watches with Microsoft's SPOT technology. Read full article

Fossil News

Fossil Leaving SPOT Watch Market

Reportedly, Fossil has stopped making watches that use Microsoft's SPOT technology to display snippets of information they receive wirelessly. Read full article

Fossil News

PDA News – Opera for Windows Mobile, Fossil gone, Palm Opera

Screenshots of Opera for PocketPCs Fossil exiting PDA market Opera on Palm hack works for other devices Read full article

Fossil Review

Fossil WristPDA 2.0 Review

As a business traveler I'm always on the look out for some gadget that can reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry. I always wear a watch --it's[...] Read full article

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Beiks Launches New Software Store for Fossil Abacus Wrist PDAs

Beiks has opened a new section of its Web site devoted to software compatible with Fossil?s new Abacus Wrist PDA. Read full article

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Fossil Announces Palm OS Powered Wrist PDA (pics)

Two years after Fossil first promised a Palm OS powered watch, the PDA is real. The Wrist PDA was delivered a death blow by the company who was contracted to[...] Read full article

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Fossil Wrist PDA Returning from Limbo (Updated)

Reportedly, Fossil's watch with a full version of the Palm OS will be re-launched in January, but the company says this is incorrect. Read full article