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Tapwave is Done

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Tapwave has officially ended their business of selling PDAs. While the hardware always held a ton of promise, they could never figure out how to distribute and market the product, leading to the same fate as others before it, like HandEra. Great hardware does not make a great company. There are several other components, many of which we said all along Tapwave was lacking, so their failure comes as no surprise to anyone who frequents this site. Read Full Article

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PDA News – Palm Name Change, TC WiFi Hunter, HandEra OS Upgrade

Palm-Handspring to change name Wardriving with a Tungsten C Palm OS 4.1 on the Handera 330? Read full article

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Palm Tip Sheet #42 Released

The Palm Tip Sheet #42 has just been released. This edition includes a detailed article on the rise and fall of HandEra and a great interview with Astraware s CEO[...] Read full article

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PDA News: Palm loses Handera but gains memory, Nokia Cruises

Iowa Company HandEra gives up on producing Palm devices. Palm Solutions Group Announces Memory Innovation; 128MB capability combined with more efficient file storage could challenge PPC Platform. Nokia[...] Read full article

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REVIEW: SilkyBoard II Virtual Edition

NOVASIB had released SilkyBoard II Virtual Edition, which is designed to meet the needs of Samsung i-300 and Handera 330 owners. Based on the original Silkyboard, which remapped the graffiti[...] Read full article

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HandEra to Help Others Make Smartphones

HandEra is offering to help companies design Palm OS smartphones and wireless handhelds running Texas Instruments' processors. Does this mean it will release one of its own? Read full article

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New Handera Device Looms

Handera produced the popular Handera 330 device and now looks to compete with Palm and Sony with a new device for release by summer. Read full article

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HandEra 330 in stock at iGO for $349.99

The HandEra 330, one of the most popular PDA's on the market, is in stock and ready for rapid delivery from iGO. We've had numerous good reports about their service,[...] Read full article

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REVIEW: HandEra 330

The first time I saw the specs for the HandEra 330, I thought it looked like the perfect writer's PDA. Read full article

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A Palm from the Plains

That's the question for Palm's smallest licensee, a 40-person Iowa company called HandEra. The company, which until recently was known as TRG Products, plans to announce Monday a Palm OS-based[...] Read full article