BlackBerry News

Handhelds gaining the upper hand

It's not yet a case of evolve or die, but a new study suggests that the supremacy of the venerable notebook computer is threatened by more nimble handhelds, such as[...] Read full article

HP News

Inside the Cypaq

Houston-based CYNET looked to become a significant player in the budding iPAQ accessories market with its dual-slot CYPAQ expansion sleeve. However, as Brighthand learned, the CYPAQ was more "smoke and[...] Read full article

Apps News

Microsoft offers taste test of “Talisker”

Microsoft plans to introduce on Tuesday the first test version of "Talisker," its next-generation operating system aimed at a variety of handheld gadgets, Internet appliances and factory automation equipment. Read full article

Handhelds News

Motorola crosses cell phone with handheld

Motorola has made the equivalent of a conference call, connecting cell phones with handheld computers to develop a new combination device, the Accompli 008. Read full article

Handhelds News

Agenda VR3

Agenda Computing says its Linux-based handheld, the Agenda VR3, is ready to take on Palm. Maybe not. Read full article

Software News

$20 off GameFace with purchase of Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum or Visor Prism

More Great Deals from the folks at Handspring! Read full article

Software News

Gadgets you can’t have

Take a look at some of the coolest (and strangest) gadgets that have yet to reach the shores of the United States. Read full article

Software News

Tomorrow will Mark the 4th Anniversary of the Pall VII Release

Tomorrow 3Com will light 4 candles on a cake to comemmorate the 4th Anniversary of their revolutionary product. Read full article

Handhelds News

Another Test

Next Friday Sony will demo it's next generation PDA device at the CSE show in Los Angeles. Read full article

Handhelds News

Big News Hits the Street at the Days End

ZDNet announced today that they will partner with to become an empire in the PDA industry. Read full article