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Proporta Gadget Bag Review

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Brighthand moderator headcronie brings us this review of the Proporta Gadget Bag, a multi part bag made of a scuff resistant, tear resistant, abrasion resistant, and waterproof nylon fabric. Read Full Article

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Companies Racing to Bring Out Flexible Displays

In the past few weeks, several companies have shown off prototypes of flexible displays, bringing closer the time when a computer's screen can be rolled up for easy transport. Read full article

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Amazon.com to Launch DRM-Free MP3 Music Download Store

Amazon.com will launch a digital music store later this year offering millions of DRM-free songs. These will be playable on virtually any of their mobile devices -- including smartphones and[...] Read full article

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Mobile Tech News — PSP Price Cut, More Games for BlackBerries, Treo 680 for Doctors

Sony Cuts Playstation Portable's Price Gameloft Making Games for Latest BlackBerries Palm Treo 680 Used As A Point of Care Tool Palm and Claro Launch[...] Read full article

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Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs of March 2007

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the most popular handhelds and smartphones. There was a strong interest in upcoming models in March, as three of the top ten products[...] Read full article

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Make a Nintendo DS Into More than a Toy

Opera Software has just announced that a version of its web browser for the Nintendo DS will be introduced in North America this summer. Read full article

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Nokia’s N-Gage Returning to Mobile Gaming

Even though its first attempts were a failure in the marketplace, Nokia has clearly learned some lessons and is set to release the N-Gage again, this time as a software[...] Read full article

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Nokia May Be Taking Another Stab at Mobile Gaming

According to an unconfirmed report, Nokia plans to launch its third gaming-oriented smartphone this summer. Read full article

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Bart 1 Mini Peel & Clean Pads Review

Bart 1 Products is now offering a product made to clean smaller portable devices like cell phones, smartphones, GPS receivers, and calculators. Tiffany Boggs brings us this review. Read full article

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The Revolution Will Be Unwired

In this week's editorial, Adama Brown discusses the effect the next-generation of the wireless Internet will have on mobile devices. Read full article

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Sony PSP Has Eyes on PDA Functions With Latest Firmware

Sony's next firmware update for the PSP has owners in quite a froth. They've already unveiled a web browser, that's actually better than most PDA web browsers. Now there are[...] Read full article