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Android Wear Review

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Android Wear is Google's take on a wearable operating system, and it's based heavily on Google Now and Android's standard notifications. Is that enough to launch the wearable trend? Let's find out. Read Full Article

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Facebook Slingshot Review: Communication Breakdown

Facebook's latest social connector is Slingshot, a photo sharing app that puts a unique, and often frustrating, spin on the Snapchat way of communicating. Read full article

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Facebook’s Paper for iPhone is the Best – Review

Facebook rolled out Paper for iPhone today, a wild new look for the social networking giant. Based on a gesture-rich interface, the app is the best version of Facebook yet. Read full article

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Beats Music Review: Don’t Forget About Dre

Beats Music may be late to the music streaming game, but it's got more personality than its competitors from day one. Does Dr. Dre have another winner on his hands?[...] Read full article

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VoxDox for Android and iOS Review: Turning Text into Talk

VoxDox is aimed at converting text content into spoken words, but how well does this app for Android and iOS really work? Read full article

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WeVideo Review: Video Editing on an Android Phone

WeVideo's app for Android is designed to let you edit and share videos from your smartphone. How well does the app really work, however? Read the full review. Read full article

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Documents.Me App Review: Connecting the Clouds

TabletPCReview covers an app for iOS that pulls together docs from cloud services, email, and computers into a single space. Read full article

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Skulls of the Shogun for Windows Phone Review

Skulls of the Shogun isn't just hilarious and a visual treat, it's a strategy game that perfectly balances depth and accessibility. Read full article

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Apple iTunes 11 Review

How is iTunes 11 at organizing and playing music and movies on a PC or a Mac? Get the answer on NotebookReview. Read full article

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Wave Connections Review: Push to Talk for Everyone

Push-to-talk services from carriers are gradually being phased out, but PTT lives on in the Wave Connections app, which is available on platforms including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Read full article

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Windows Phone 8 Review: Let’s Try This Again

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is filling in the gaps found in the last iteration of its mobile operating system and giving it a chance to really compete. Read full article