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LG’s webOS-Powered HDTV Brings Fan Favorite Back From the Grave

Fan favorite operating system webOS will finally see new life as a smart TV platform for LG. Read full article

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LG Acquires webOS, But It Won’t Be Used on Smartphones

webOS isn't dead just yet. LG is reportedly taking the troubled mobile operating system off of HP's hands. TechnologyGuide has more details. Read full article

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Start-up Group Vows to Resurrect webOS Phones

Can a group of independent developers do for webOS what HP couldn't do? It certainly couldn't do any worse. Read full article

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Not Everything That Debuts at CES Is a Hit

The CES graveyard is full of gadgets that made a big splash in Vegas, but were not ultimately successful, like the Palm Pre. Read this editorial on TechnologyGuide. Read full article

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Analysts Say HP’s Decision To Stay Out of Smartphones Is a Good Move

HP chief Meg Whitman said her company has no plans to enter the smartphone market in the coming year, apparently contradicting something she said earlier, but a decision also seen[...] Read full article

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Smartphones Can Play a Role in Sleep Disorders

An article from our parent site TechnologyGuide covers research that shows many teens are giving up sleep to text their friends late into the night, and sometimes even in their[...] Read full article

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FreedomPop Begins Public Tests of Free 4G Wireless Internet Service

FreedomPop, the free internet service just entered into its free public beta. Now open to the public FreedomPop looks to offer 500MB of data free to all users who wish[...] Read full article

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HP May Be Considering Bringing Back the webOS

Just when you think the webOS is gone with the wind, there's evidence it might be coming back. HP is hiring dozens of engineers with experience in this operating system. Read full article

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FAA Reconsidering Allowing Travellers to Use Smartphones and Tablets on Planes

Brighthand's parent site TechnologyGuide has a report on the FAA reevaluating its requirements for electronic devices on board plane. Travellers may soon be able to use their smartphone or tablet[...] Read full article

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Smartphone and Tablet Users Are Still Frustrated with Slow Mobile Download Speeds

Keynote Competitive Research shared results of its nationwide mobile user survey, revealing important insights depicting consumer mobile web experiences. Read full article