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How to Buy a Chinese Smartphone

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There are excellent smartphones coming out of China. And they’re cheap! While some have a small foothold in the US, most only ship to other overseas markets. So how do you get one Stateside? Read on to find out. Read Full Article

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The Best Cheap Smartphones for $100, $200, $300, & $400

Here are great smartphones that offer close to the same performance and features as the flagships, for half the price or less. Read full article

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ZTE Zmax Pro Hands-On Preview: A lot for a little

With a wide range of features it’s hard to believe that the ZTE Zmax Pro only costs $100. Normally a manufacturer skimps on build quality to bring down cost. Luckily[...] Read full article

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Who Needs a Flagship? ZTE and LG Leading the Way for Practical Smartphones at CES 2016

ZTE and LG are leading the charge of practical and inexpensive smartphones at CES 2016. The funny thing is, they aren't far from flagships despite being much cheaper. Read full article

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AT&T Velocity Review: A Wi-Fi Hotspot for “Almost” Anyone

Hotspots aren’t for everyone. For most, the free Wi-Fi at coffee shops, libraries, and public parks is more than enough. But some require the security and features of a dedicated[...] Read full article

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ZTE Shows Off Grand S II Phablet With 5.5-Inch Screen, Voice Control

The new Grand S II from ZTE is a flagship phablet device with extensive voice controls, quad-core CPU, and 1080p display. Read full article

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ZTE Bringing Unlocked Grand S and Nubia 5 to the US (Quad-core, Android, $400)

Although it's been out for the better part of a year, ZTE is finally bringing the Grand S to the United States as an unlocked device. Coming along for the[...] Read full article

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ZTE N800 Shocker Comes to Virgin Mobile as the AWE, Costs $99

Virgin Mobile has added the affordable ZTE Shocker to its lineup of devices, offering a new lower-end option for users looking to save some cash. Read full article

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ZTE Open Review: Bang for Your Buck?

There's no doubt about it: the ZTE Open, one of the first commercial Firefox OS phones, is a very affordable phone. The question is, is it cheap in every sense[...] Read full article

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What To Do When Your Phone Gets Smashed

If you break your phone, who do you call (after getting a replacement phone, that is) to get the data off your old one? Read full article

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White House Says Consumers Should Be Legally Permitted to Unlock Smartphones

The White House has publicly stated that consumers should be able to freely unlock their phones without the risk of criminal penalty or any other imposed punishment. Doing so is[...] Read full article