Samsung Galaxy S III Video Review

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Samsung Galaxy S III Video Review

The Samsung Galaxy S III is easily one of the most impressive smartphones introduced so far this year. It sports Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4, and the European version has a quad-core processor (although the U.S. version is dual-core).  TechnologyGuide Chief Editor Jamison Cush takes an up close look at this exciting new phone in a hands-on video overview.

Jamison Cush: This is the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s Samsung’s latest and greatest, sporting Android Ice Cream Sandwich, version four. So, taking a look at this device, you’ll notice it has a pretty large screen. In fact, it’s 4.8 inches from corner to corner. That contrasts with some of the larger phones that are out, 4.3 inches, or the iPhone, which is 3.5 inches.

Taking a look at the device, right here we have a home button that basically returns the Galaxy S to its home screen. Then we have soft keys for menu options, and a back key, which should be familiar to any Android user. Right here, we have the earpiece for when you are chatting on the phone. We have two sensors, that is a light sensor and that’s a proximity sensor next to it, and the 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera.

Let’s turn it over and take a look at what’s on the back. This is a removable cover, and there’s a battery hidden underneath, along with a SIM card slot and the micro SD card slot. I won’t show you that right now, but take my word for it, it’s there. We have an 8 megapixel rear camera, we have an on-board speaker, and that’s a flash.

Let’s see, underneath, that is a micro USB port for charging the device and hooking it up to a PC to transfer files. That is the microphone for when you are talking on the phone. On the top, we have a 3.5mm audio jack, and the microphone for when you’re on speakerphone. On the side, that’s just the volume rocker, and on the other side, we have just the power button. So let’s take a look at some of the fun features.

The Samsung Galaxy S III marks the debut of a lot of Samsung tweaks and a lot of software improvements. Most notably, or one of the most popular before it was released, was the S Voice. Now, S Voice is Samsung’s answer to Siri. Siri is, of course, Apple’s voice activated personal assistant. You’ve seen the commercials with Samuel L. Jackson and other celebrities interacting with it. So, now Samsung has a version called S Voice. Let’s give it a shot. You activate it by a double tap. Hi Galaxy.

Samsung S Voice:  Hi. Nice to meet you.

Cush:  What is the best smartphone? It says, “Opinions vary, but I think Samsung Galaxy is the best of them all.” Turn on GPS. Okay, that’s interesting. Let’s see what happens. It Googles “Turn on GPS.” So you can see it still needs a little work. Anybody who has a Samsung device will be familiar with the Allshare app. This is basically Samsung’s media and content sharing application. So, there’s a cool little new feature called Group Cast that ships with it, and I’m going to show you what that is right now.

So right here I have my gallery. These are all the photos I’ve taken with this Galaxy S III, and I want to share these photos with this device. What I can do is open one up, and then right here click that little button, that’s the Allshare button, Allshare icon. It asks me to set a PIN number for Group Cast. I’m going to make it just the Number 1 so it’s easy to remember. Right now it’s looking for other phones that it’s compatible with, other phones with the Allshare app.

So, I will open up the Allshare app here, and hit the Menu button, and I’m going to join Group Cast. There it is right there. So I’m going to enter that PIN number, number one, and now they should be connected. So, here you go. The picture is still stored locally, here, but it’s also being broadcast to this phone.

I can mark up this right here, and you can see it appears on that phone, and I can mark it up, and you can see it appears there. So you can share. Let’s say you have four people with Galaxy S III’s, and you have one Word document you want to share. You can just broadcast it out to everybody, and everyone can make the right dozen comment .

It’s a fun, neat feature, and hopefully it comes to devices outside of the S III. I think that’s Samsung’s plan.


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