VIDEO: BlackBerry Z10 Preview

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The BlackBerry Z10 is official, as is the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, both unveiled at special launch events held simultaneously around the world. The company once known as Research In Motion (RIM) and now going by just Blackberry are putting their hopes for market success on the Z10, which has a 4.2-inch 1280 x 768 display (356 pixels per inch), 2GB of RAM, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Check out the video to see how it looks in action.


Jamison:          This is the Z10?

BB Rep:          Yes.

Jamison:          Okay. So this person is calling you?

BB Rep:          I answer.

Jamison:          Yep.

BB Rep:          We’re connecting.

Jamison:          This is the BBM video call

BB Rep:          This is the BBM video call over the wireless network. He’s going to do a screenshare. Now I’m sharing his screen and I see his screen.

Jamison:          Excellent. That’s kind of a novelty feature. I can’t get that on Android or certainly not on an iOS.

BB Rep:          It is right here on the Z10. What I will do is I will go into BBM, and I will send a message. I will type, “I am ill. I will see you soon.” Very intuitive. I barely looked at my keyboard to type. I want to delete that, I just swipe back on the keyboard.

Here I get a notification to say, “Hey. I have an email.”

Jamison:          Yep.

BB Rep:          I peek to see what went off, and I flow to the hub.

Jamison:          Look at that.

BB Rep:          Without me ever really exiting my application.

Jamison:          Just say you wanted to close all that out and just go to the home screen. Just a quick swipe.

BB Rep:          Quick swipe. These are [inaudible: 01:27] that are constantly updating without you going into them to update.

Jamison:          Can the user set them? Can I put my Twitter feed in there?

BB Rep:          Absolutely

Jamison:          They’re changeable?

BB Rep:          Yes. The other thing to show you is that you can also filter what your hub shows. If you want to just show Facebook, just show BBM, you can do that.

Jamison:          My one contact, all the information will be under there; their Facebook, their Twitter.

BB Rep:          Yes. If you’re not our friends and you’re in my contact list, I have your LinkedIn connection, I have your Facebook connection, I have your Twitter connection. Everything about you shows within my contacts. If we’re in a meeting and I want to email you, and you’re included in my email or in my appointments, I can click on you to see who you are, and just get all of your information.

Jamison:          Screen resolution 356 pixels per inch?

BB Rep:          Yes, it is. Time-shift camera. In the camera, and we’re going to take a picture. Let’s switch the camera around to face us.

Jamison           Okay. Picture [inaudible: 02:39]

BB Rep:          Okay.

Jamison:          Yeah, get you.

BB Rep:          Okay.

Jamison:          You’re much better looking than I am.

BB Rep:          Okay. We take the picture.

Jamison:          Oh, boy.

BB Rep:          Totally jacked me up.

Jamison:          You’re going to have to delete it.

BB Rep:          Yes.

Jamison:          That scrubs . . . what is it, 10 seconds?

BB Rep:          Yes.

Jamison:          Okay.


2nd BB Rep:     First, here’s one of the setters where you want to set it off for the night. Here’s the center. Now I want to wake it up. This is going to be just your daytime screen. This kind of just let’s you know what’s going on in the day. Let me wake the device up. It’s intuitive, it’s intelligent, and it’s going to adapt to me. I’m looking here, these are my active frames, and these are the applications that I have open, and the ones that I’m using the most. This screens is always going to be moving.

Let’s just say I’m actually going through my device, and ‘I’m looking at the Blackberry World, but I get an indicator. I’m going to go up. This is going to allow me to peek, and I’m actually peeking. I’ve got 12 messages that’s on Facebook. Facebook is very important.

Jamison:          Obviously.

2nd BB Rep:     I’m going to go over here, and I’m going to look over and say, ‘Let’s see what’s going on here on my Facebook.’

Your phone here, you’re going to have a 2 megapixel camera in the front, 8 in the back. It is a 1.5 megahertz Snap Dragon dual-core processor, so it really, really goes. It flows absolutely smoothly.

Jamison:          Are there any ports on it? Any SD expansion or anything?

2nd BB Rep:     You do have your micro HDMI.

Jamison:          Okay.

2nd BB Rep:     It does have . . . you can do the micro SD card.

Jamison:          Nice.

2nd BB Rep:     And of course, your USB.

Jamison:          Of course. Excellent. How about the screen size?

2nd BB Rep:     The screen size is 4.2.

Jamison:          The only button on it is the power button?

2nd BB Rep:     You have your power button, and you have your volume keys. It actually also has this key right here, that you can actually off voice detection.

Jamison:          Okay. It does voice detection, like voice commands?

2nd BB Rep:     Absolutely.

Jamison:          Excellent. Thank you very much.

2nd BB Rep:     No problem. Thank you.



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